Monday, 23 April 2018

Rod re-glossing / re-finishing for older/ weathered rods !

Many older blanks that have years of life left in them only tend to suffer from one common downfall . . . . . . .  weathering . . . . . . .

This can come in various forms from just fading with daylight, to the top layers going brittle and starting to crack/split, then the weather and water gets to them and they can go 'white' in the winter, whippings as well as blanks.

Surface scratches and packing the rods away still damp, or leaving rods wet and damp in a damp holdall for long lengths of time all contribute to the degradation of the rods outer finish.

Re-glossing can bring an old rod back to life and make it look like new, as well as being a great base on which to rebuild a whole rod, or just re-whip and re-finish. Below are a couple of examples which show you the before and after shots of some recent rebuilds.

First example is a set of North Western Blanks Carbon Kevlar Multi Range.....
over 25 years old and at first, really looking it !

As you can see there is a marked difference ! 

Tip sections looking good and ready for some rings ! 

Butt sections part way through having some old school duplon abbreviated 
replica handles fitted to complete the top to toe refurbishment.  

Next example is a Silstar Traverse X 390 Match 
A bit of a Silstar classic from back in the day ! 

This has also in for  the full works, which includes rebuilding the handle and replacing the old fibreglass parallel handle insert silstar used to fit, with a tapered carbon fibre handle, new cork handle, Fuji KDPS cork reel seat, 

Fuji Alconite single leg rings with 3 leg butt ring, top to bottom blank reglossing and an as - yet - to be - decided twin colour whipping combo ;) 
This will truly be a one of a kind Traverse X so what better way to start the build than with a freshly reglossed blank to ensure the best start ! 

As you can see, the difference in old and 'new' can be like night and day. 
Most, but not all blanks can be recoated, some factory coloured blanks can't always be reglossed, and depending on the condition, may or may not be advisable to attempt, so when in doubt, let me have either some really good quality photos or bring them to me in person to view.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Daiwa 123M Closed Face Reel Bearing Conversion & Upgrades !

The Daiwa 123m is one of those overlooked and underrated closed face reels
daiwa made, the reels do not feature an anti reverse or a drag as the sole intention was to backwind when playing fish, just as people used to do with Abu 501's and 506's, after they had removed the anti reverse dog, Daiwa went a step further producing an ultra light closed face without both and saved a chunk of weight - they also feature a pick up that does not need the big leaf spring that Abu's had, and in so made a bullet proof pick up held, and housed under the bell cap, all in all a really solid closed face reel that  - when converted to bearings - makes an ultra light  reliable and sturdy reel that will handle anything from chub to carp and barbel that's almost indestructible. 

 As you can see, as standard the reel only came supplied with two plastic bushes, which, although they did their job adequately, gave the reel a bit of a 'cheap'  feel and in my opinion, sold it a bit short. 

The 123M is in essence a really well built and well engineered piece of kit ...... 

Solidly built and pretty much indestructible, this reel suits big, hard fighting fish like carp and barbel, the control that backwinding brings for me, is a bit like playing a fish on a centrepin, it's something you need to experience, and with the reel running on two stainless ball bearings, it's something to be enjoyed !

Being a carbon body it is very light in weight, more or less impervious to rust and won't suffer paint falling off or oxidisation . . . . . . . . . . .

Along with a thorough strip down and clean out to factory clean standards before re-fitting, each part is checked for wear to be sure it will be silky smooth when converted.  

Whether you fish rivers for dace and chub, or barbel on heavy lines, or prefer the ease of use for a commercial carp fishery, this little reel will handle it all . . . . . .  
And as an owner of Abu 501's and 503's I can tell you...... reliability wise this is on par with either, weight wise it wins hands down, but I always had a soft spot for Daiwa's ! 

It's a no brainer, swapping the top row for the bottom ! 
I charge £24.50 for a bearings upgrade, which includes a service and reel check
AND the return postage to you ! If you bear in mind that you can pick these reels up on eBay quite often for under £20 on auctions, it has to be the best value for money you can get !

That single pick-up built in, without the need for the (fairly) unreliable leaf spring of the Abu's, Daiwa did away with it and proved it wasn't really needed, and in so, simplified the design of closed face reels, without compromising reliability.  

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Recent work - Drennan rod repair / carbon wrapping a rod break, repairing cork handle.

Drennan rod repair, re-ringing and carbon wrapping with a cork handle repair all in one with this one ! See this post and many more on my facebook page, don't forget to give me a 'like' please ! Thank you. Dave

Trafford Tackle Repairs carbon wrapping and rod break repairing !

Friday, 9 June 2017

Some recent repair shots . . . . . .

Drennan rod repair, re-ringing and carbon wrapping with a cork handle repair all in one with this one ! See this post and many more on my facebook page, don't forget to give me a 'like' please ! Thank you. Dave

Trafford Tackle Repairs carbgon wrapping and rod break repairing !

Monday, 3 April 2017

2017 Reel Servicing Prices Including return delivery.

 2017: Mail order reel servicing & prices.

As I've been offering this for a while now I thought it best to update the site with some details for those of you that are not - so - local to Manchester !

You can purchase services through ebay !
(see my listings here: My Current eBay listings  )
You of course, have paypal's guarantee that your payment is secure whichever way you decide. So it works like this:

1. You purchase a 'buy it now' for the amount of reels you want
serviced by using the drop down menu on eBay.

2. You send your reels to me using a service of your choosing. (try parcel2go for prices)

Send to: D Kelly. 19 Strathmere Ave. Stretford. Manchester. M320DR.
 (Callers by appointment please phone)

3. I service the reels, pack them and send them back to you, within 7
days, returned using a signed for courier service.

The prices are for servicing ONLY and do not include parts.

I use a signed for courier service which  requires that you sign for it.
The return time is normally 2 working/weekdays, you will be provided
with tracking information for your parcel. Upon receiving your reel(s) I
would generally be able to turn them around for you in 7 days,
please try to allow for this, if I can do them quicker I will, if you
want to check, ring me before ordering. 07784 100 752

To Pay: Simplest way is to either buy through eBay or just call text or email me with your PayPal email address and I'll send you an invoice.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Follow me on Facebook !

If you didn't already know, you can also find me on Facebook !

Just go here :

Rod Building & Repairs in Manchester !

Where you can see regular shots of reel servicing as it happens ! well, nearly ;)

But you do get to see what the innards of your reels really look like, before and after one of my thorough services which are still ONLY £15 PER REEL ! 

That's LESS THAN HALF  of what Tackle Box charge, cheaper than Felindre
and Shimano's own service department and Daiwa's !

See for yourself how thorough my servicing is and why people come back to me time after time and bring me the reels other people WON'T SERVICE !

Plus you can see examples of my rod building work and customisations and bespoke work such as handle conversions, rebuilds, re-whipping, replacing broken chipped rings and fixing breaks on rods, poles and reels !

Latest handle conversions from cork to full duplon !

And MORE !!!

 Recent posts  . . . . . . . . .

Harrison 12' 6'' Ballista rebuilds  . . . . . . . .

Wilson signature series handle conversions  . . . . . . . .

From full cork to full duplon  . . . . . . . . . 

And repairs to even the oldest of big name natch reels from days gone by!
Mitchell match 440a baffle plate repairs  . . . . . . . . 

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Some new additions to the hand made swingtip range !

Some lovely new swingtips just off the twirly swing tip machine in the shape of 8'' fibreglass with twin flouro coloured bands & they look great ! Possibly by best to date and no increase in price either ! Check out the images below and also the new 10 '' Carbon fibre adjustable weight swing tips which are fantastic!

 Great new flouro thread colours for better visibility !

The bottom ring is also now done in matching thread colour and looks great ! 

 The new colours are brighter and look great in their ' twin band ' format !

Each swing tip comes with it's own set of 3 proper swing tip rubbers and an adapter, still post free !

The new adjustable weight swing tips are a superb addition to the range
and cover just about every condition you might come up against on a session!

Again, made with a matching ring whipping colour to the tip.  

At 10'' long these adjustable swing tips are perfect for those larger waters 
and anywhere that is open to the elements or catches the wind, the adjustable weight is around 5grams and can be positioned anywhere from right up to the single leg ring, meaning it has virtually no effect on the tip for very sensitive bites, or slid all the way down to combat tow on the water and choppy waves. 

Each swing tip comes with its own set of 'proper' Trev Tomlin style swing tip rubbers in light, medium and heavy strengths, plus a screw in adapter. 

You can see just how much adjustment you have along the length of the swing tip in this image, possible more adjustment than any other tip that's been sold in the UK, and don't forget, these tips are all individually HAND MADE  in the U.K
with pride !